Steam Mo

Better than your coffee time it’s your treat-yourself time. At any time, at Steam Mo.


Graphic Design   Logo Design   Branding

Steam Mo is a new café located in Mo i Rana. “Mo” is the name used by locals to call their city, whereas “Steam” is a reference to the vapors, flavors and scents of coffee (and more. The café also serves hot dishes). The logo describes a steaming cup inside. The letters S, M and o together form the monogram variant of the main logo.
The corporate identity was also designed and developed, starting with the brand guideline book.

SteamMo Kafe Brand Guideline Book
SteamMo Kafe Brand Guideline Book
SteamMo Kafe dampende krus monogram
steamo pattern
SteamMo Kafe T-Skjorte
SteamMo Kafe papirkopp
SteamMo Kafe burrito wrap
SteamMo Kafe meny
SteamMo Kafe pose shopping bag
SteamMo Kafe pinner
SteamMo Kopp Kaffe

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